TOF UN-synchronized TX and RX method understanding

Hello Everyone,

i am bit confused about TOF un synchronized TX and RX method, so what Decawave explained in that is we need to record a time of sending and receiving of messages. but as like synchronized TX and RX method we required time to be synchronized only, here its not required.
but we are working on time only, means TAG and Anchor are not synchronized then how that time difference will make a sense for developer. and how TOF or Distance will get accurately calculated?

can someone clarify me?


Hi Anil

Could I suggest you start reading a couple of documents?
Like applications notes, APS013, APS003, IC user manual and its appendixes , DW1000 dataseet etc…
It will also answer all the other questions you have.

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Hello Leo,

i got a simple answer of this. we don’t need a time of both side to be synchronized, because tag is giving back time taken by its 1 cycle. and also its a 3 messages are exchanging, so by reducing time only we will get a time. so not required to be synchronized.

But in synchronized form we definitely required because only 1 cycle will get complete so we can calculate TOF at TAG side but we need it at anchor side. So that we need both to be synchronized.