TLP152 gate driver

Couldn’t find a spice model for a gate driver which from Toshiba(TLP152) for QSpice, were to find this.
Is it possible to create spice model for Qspice this part specifically, or to edit any other similar parts which has same characteristics.
It will be great if someone help with this.

Unfortunately, Toshiba only offers encrypted model for Pspice or LTspice, your exact device cannot be found, but similar device in catalog Photocouplers.
Simulation | Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation | Asia-English (

UCC23513_TRANS.txt (8.0 KB)
This one is from TI, but its not similar.
As I’m a beginner to this area I don’t know how to edit this one or change the parameters to make this possible, is that possible?

And on the above page they provide only models/circuits for LTspice/Pspice and its encrypted too, so how can I try this in Qspice, is there any solution which can solve my issue


What do you want to learn from simulation with that particular gate driver?

My point is, it is often not necessary to simulate to that level of detail.

For example, my work is kW-10s of kW level power supply, and I never simulate the MOSFET and gate driver, I instead just use ideal switch and ideal diode and use excel/octave math to compute the power loss.

I’m actually building this circuit these actual parts, so I want to simulate and see the actual values.
So I am asking is it possible to the edit the above spice model or some similar model to make it to similar as to the one I required

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You can take models from my collection for LTspice as a sample.


Answer or opinion to your questions

  • As far as I know, encrypted model can only run in that encrypted platform.
  • A device is a sub-circuit which constructed with spice elements. If you take a look of UCC23513_TRANS.txt, it is only a circuit in netlist. But to understand a netlist with 250 lines is a tedious work. To modify, you need in-depth knowledge in spice and both devices electrical characteristic, which normally very hard to do.
  • You can email or contact manufacturer to see if they have spice model. I saw manufacturer provides model which is not published in their web (of course, it is very uncommon). Or you can ask their application engineer what is the best substitute model. I don’t know what degree of simulation accuracy you need to match the circuit you build, but contact their application engineer always the best option as only device manufacturer fully understand their devices.
  • @physicboy gives a very good suggestion. You have to review if it is really necessary to put a detailed model of gate driver into your circuit. In general, it only increases simulation time and the chance of convergence issue instead of giving you anything really useful, except you have to study gating in detail. A E-source (Voltage controlled voltage source) can always do the job as replacing an isolated gate driver.
  • Qspice is relatively new and if a model is ready in LTspice, you may just take that with LTspice as to reduce your development time. But you can expect more and more Qspice model to come in future. If you can find a spice model which meet your need and look for any opportunity to convert to Qspice model, post it into forum. But a request likes converting UCC23513 into TLP152 is something not commonly can be responsed.
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