Tips of independent current sources...where are they or how to make them?


I can see these things in Symbol & IP panel for voltage:

But I cannot see these things for current in Symbol & IP panel…

To find the keyword for different kind of symbols…

Just try to press every keyboard buttons

For this one…just press “i”

In the case of current source if I press i nothing change, like it is in the case of the voltage source when I press v.

yep… I just noticed that as well… its not a thing for current source as pointed out by Kelvin in a DM

@Cornel ,

Someone (Mike?) created multiple symbol types for the different Voltage sources.

No one created a similar symbol set.

Having said that, you can create your own.

Note: The one current symbol is sufficient. All you have to do is supply the waveform type into the parameter.

For example: I added a current source and started typing the “PWL” wave type into . QSpice will help with the remaining parameters for PWL.

The added symbols for the Voltage source is just a visual aid. The symbol itself is not of value in the simulation.

I was going to write about it, I also discovered it yesterday.

@Cornel ,

I believe the reason for not allowing a a component value to be “0” is that when some math is performed on the circuit nodes, it is possible that a DIV BY ZERO might occur.

In reality a 0 ohm resistor is not really practical (the exception might be with super-conducting materials near 0K). A practical 0 ohm resistor is many times closer to 1 mOhm.

Instead of using the jumper method, if you use the same circuit under different configurations, you can use the step parameter method (ex: .step param R1 list 1n 100 1000). This allows you to create many sims of the same circuit with different values for one or more of your circuit components.

I use this all the time to get visual and quantitative results for RC, RLC and RL filters.


Ah, Ipoma I think you want to refer to this topic (its not my topic) with what your wrote now:

@Cornel ,

Yes. I’m trying to support two threads. Got them mixed up.