Time delay for PWL file data

Is there a way to set the time when a PWL file source will start to be active?
( A start delay of the PWL file data )
If not I suggests adding a time parameter at the end of the PWL file definition for this purpose.
Best regards Håkan N

Hi, Honeybee.

Can’t you change the PWL file to delay the start of the data changes?



I always use a transmission line to delay the start point of PWL data. When comparing experimental data with simulation data, I employ this method. You can adjust the timing of the PWL data in the schematics without having to modify the PWL file.



the behavioral voltage source supports the delay function which purpose is actually to delay signals in time. I have tried for the PWL source and it worked well.



Amazing! I completely overlooked that. Thank you.

Hi WinterMime
Thanks for your hint. That solves my problem.
Many Thanks.
Håkan N