Third party models with subcircuit dependencies from other library files

I am attempting to simulate a 2EDF7175F gate driver in Qspice. I downloaded the .lib file, and copy-pasted it to Qspice with “Include Entire File” selected. Then, when I tried running, I received the error: “Fatal error: Error: no such subcircuit: and2_p”, which is indicating that another subcircuit model is not found by the simulator. I searched and found this subcircuit in another .lib file (BaseComps_Pspice.lib), though copy-pasting that into the first .lib file and then adding that to Qspice changed the component from 16 pins to only 2 pins. Do you know how to incorporate 3rd party models into Qspice from .lib files which depend on subcircuit models in other .lib files?

You can find the spice files here: 2EDF7175F - Infineon Technologies