ThingType/DW1000_Python_library to DWM1000?

Has anyone used the GitHub ThingType/DW1000_Python_library project with a DWM1000? It is written for Raspberry Pi (adapted from the Arduino DW1000 code). I am trying to convert it to PyBoard, and as I said, I’m using the DWM1000 at the moment. I have some EVK1000s too, so let me know if you have used this instead.

I got the code to essentially run (there is a PingPong example and a Sender/Receiver pair example. I removed all the GPIO interrupt code and simply wrapped the previously interrupt-driven notifications in polling loops (checking the receive-buffer over and over).

I have had no luck. It all runs without errors or exceptions. It appears to successfully write into the DW1000 registers via SPI. But nothing “gets across the air”. Nothing pings or pongs, nothing is received from a sender. It’s like all the code runs, but then nothing ever transpires.

Has anyone else used that library, probably with a RaspPi as per its original design, but still, just curious.