There is too large current consumption in receive mode (185mA).

Hi all, I am developing a positioning system based on dw1000. At the first step we are developed test board with dw1000 transmitter, which interacts with controller on demo board ST32F429 via SPI interface. The test board was developed according with the datasheet example (section 8.1 Application Circuit Diagram) and set of components was taken from there.

I tried to do a test package transfer according with and tried with default settings (no initialization and configuration). Everything looks good on transmetter: there is system status 0xF0 (all parts a frame was sented) after setup bit [color=#000000][size=small][font=DejaVu Sans Mono]SYS_CTRL_TXSTRT. There are system statuses SYS_STATUS_CPLOCK and SYS_STATUS_SLP2INIT on board launch. The dw1000 board consumes 60 mA in the transmit mode and 19 mA in the IDLE mode (This is corresponds a datasheet parameters).

But there is a problem with the Dw1000 test board in receive mode: a current consumption on the test board increases to 185 mA after setup SYS_CTRL_RXENAB. The receiver cannot receive any part of the package, no system statuses occur during reception, including [color=#000000][size=small][font=DejaVu Sans Mono]SYS_STATUS_RXPRD (The transmitter continuously sends packets in a loop). The only thing that was done on the receiver side was to measure the noise level (MLME-SCAN) through AGC_STAT1 register, it was 1E+23 on all channels with small deviations and did not depend on turning off the transmitter.

Most likely the problem is at hardware level (in a PCB layout or in the process of its manufacture). Any ideas, what violations could cause this behavior of the receiver?


I’m now facing the same problem. No matter how I change the configurations(PRF, Preamble Length…), the current keeps about 180mA in receive mode. Did you solve it?