There is spice error log available in qspice?


In LTspice there is a Spice Error Log:

There is such a thing available in qspice? I did not see…

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There is no such item in QSPICE. However, what was previously found in the Error Log is now return in the Output Window under the Simulation/Post Process tab in Qspice (i.e. Console)
The name is a bit confusing in LTspice, as it doesn’t exactly only report errors, but return simulation info, warning, error, .meas result etc… here is an example.

If you are looking for something similar to the first few lines in this error log, you can add .option ACCT in Qspice, and it will provide you with additional information.

I am looking at this kind of info which are founded in spice error log in ltspice:

Specifically I want to see the parameters listed with orange, but also the others/all parameters, but at the ones with orange I am looking now (specifically).

Oh, I see… I cannot recall seeing a way to obtain this information in Qspice. I’m not sure if I missed that feature or if Qspice doesn’t implement it.

I do not think that qspice has implemented this.
@Engelhardt would you consider to implement SPICE Error Log also in QSPICE as LTspice has this?