There is no way to get graphical dependencies derived from the results of MEAS commands

I made a calculation of the arrester to get the breakdown voltage as a function of the rate of voltage rise on it.
Then I, using MEAS procedures, got the results, but I could not get a graphical dependence of the breakdown voltage on the rate of voltage rise.
Unfortunately, I did not find the function ddt and I had to get its value with an additional circuit.


If you have both .meas statements and a .step statement, the .meas results can be plotted against the step value:

Method One: Add a “.meas plot” statement and rerun the simulation(or at least the post processor).

Method Two: In the Post Process window, execute right click menu item “Plot These Measurements”

Both of these methods produce a .meas.qraw file.

Unfortunately, there was a problem in the post processor such that it couldn’t file the waveform viewer executable so it didn’t open up the plot automatically for you. That problem was fixed this morning. Next time you launch QSPICE while connected to the internet, it will let you know an update is available. That’s what the update fixes.