The Qspice Mac OS

Will the software release a Mac OS version?

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Great question! I know people other than myself also interested. I use Parallels, so I can run windows programs but some don’t want to spend the money on Parallels.

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I was encouraged to see Eddie successfully running QSPICE on Parallels in his recent video. This is obviously an extra cost for Mac users who don’t already run Parallels, but it’s a workaround for now.

If the Wine community can figure out why QSPICE has rendering challenges on Wine, that may serve both Linux and Mac users. It’s also on our own to-do list, but currently, we’re investing our development bandwidth into improving the digital and SPICE engines. On that front, there are some mind-blowing features in the works in addition to important, but not glamorous, items like supporting archaic SPICE models.

Yes - it runs perfectly on Parallels - no problem or speed issues. Simulations are immediate.

Could you us give some publicly available information what kinf of new features will come?

I’d love to, but for now, all I can say is that the tool is going to continue to improve, and we plan to add even more advanced features to QSPICE. Innovation rarely moves in a straight line, so I’m not going to make any promises about schedule or specifics, but when we have interesting advances to share, everyone here will know.

New features are great, but please don’t forget about improving the usability first.

Yes, we know there are usability requests too. Thank you all for the continued constructive feedback.