The p controller in qspice

Hello everyone,
I have recently
untitled_x1.cpp (1.2 KB)

tried to built a P controller for a Capacitor in QSpice with the transfer function is U(C)/I(C) = 1/C*s, so I created an Ø-Device which followed the inversion of the plant but something was wrong (I think it is a very big problem).
So could you please help me check it out and give me some advice? Thank you very much!!!

I don’t quite get what this circuit is doing. But to resolve your problem, this is something I found

  1. IL_meas is an input port in X1. .param IL_meas defines a parameter, but this parameter name has nothing to do with a subckt pin label. You need to assign that input with a voltage

  2. Your B-source V=V(Ich_ref), where Ich_ref needs to be a net name. Again, Ich_ref in subckt symbol X1 is a pin label, it is not a net name. You need to press “N” to place a net name at voltage node.

With these two changes, I can run your simulation without warning.