The listener can't receive location info from tag

I use the MDEK1001 kit based on the existing documentation, mainly the MDEK1001_Kit_User_Manual , to build a network in a center, as shown in the figure below.

This network consists of 15 anchors, a tag, and a listener. Among them, No.1 to No.15 are 15 anchors, the middle black circle represents the position of the listener, and the black solid on the left is the position of a wireless router. Among them, the walls of classroom A and the classroom on the right side next to classroom A are planks. The other classroom walls are cement.The problem I am now encountering is that when the tag moves in areas B, D, E, or even in area A, the listener in class A can receive the data, but when the tag enters classroom C, or when you are near Classroom C, (for example, at the entrance of Classroom B above the router), no data is accepted. And When the listener and the tag are both in Classroom C, the listener can receive the position information of the tag.

At first I thought it was the interference of the router. As a result, the label information in the C classroom and any position information close to the router could not be transmitted through UWB. That is, it interfered with the transmission of the tag to the wall anchor so that the listener could not receive the information. But I didn’t find a section in the dwm1001 document supporting my opinion.

But I can’t find any other reason, so I would like to post comments here, thank you. Besides, the operation firmware version of all my tags and anchors are FW2.

Hi tcguoxing,

Thanks for the very detailed information.

Looking at it, I would say it is a line of sight issue. Correct me if i’m wrong but I assume it is a wifi router and in this case it is very unlikely is has a strong impact on the UWB performance. It may happen only if your wifi is 5GHz, and even in this case I’d be fairly surprised as DWM1001 is a UWB channel 5 device ( around 6.5GHz).

The most likely cause is that the tag and the listener are not in line of sight conditions. Basically, the attenuation of the signal through the wall is too strong and the listener cannot receive it.

A workaround would be to have two listeners, one in the area C and one in the area A. Maybe you don’t need as many anchor in the room B. I would suggest to remove anchor 7 and use it as a listener maybe.

A new version of the software (Release 2) should be delivered soon and it will introduce the concept of gateway which is much more powerful than listener. It should fixed the problem you are seeing.

Let me know how it goes,

Thank you for your detailed reply.

I will consider your suggestion in the near future and add a listener in room C to see if this problem can be solved.

In addition, is there an official document that explains how a network can set up two listeners.

Expect Release2 to be released soon

Thank you again :slight_smile: .

I don’t think we have a documentation specifically covering how to setup 2 listeners. I think if you set two tags as “passive”, then you should get two listeners in your network.

Let me know if you have any issue.