The latest DW3000_API version download link?

Hello qorvo team,

We are developing very very very cool products with DW3000.

I have downloaded <dw3xxx_xr6.0c_24FEB2022. zip>, but the “deca_device.c” file is not in it.

The latest DW3000_API version on QORVO UWB website is V1.4.

Could you tell me the latest DW3000_API 's download link?

Cheers :smile:

This is the latest released package.
The API source code is no longer available, the precompiled library only is in the package.

Where I find in the “dw3xxx drivers (with precompiled libs)” the functions to read/write direct to the registers of the dw3000?

Hi @jul-nc ,

With precompiled libs, these functions are not available.
You can find their implementation here:

Search for dwt_read32bitoffsetreg and dwt_write32bitoffsetreg.

Hope it helps,

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The API source code is no longer available, the precompiled library only is in the package.


It’s almost as if they realised people were filling in the gaps in the manual by looking at the driver and so rather than complete the manual they hid the API source. I get that releasing all the details may give hints as to how the internals work and they want to protect their IP but 1) this isn’t going to stop anyone truly serious about reverse engineering things and 2) is a good way to make people look at using competitor parts.

(I’m collecting the notable gaps here, as maybe you saw: · GitHub - let me know if it matches your understanding!)

I have no idea about this case, but in my experience with the semiconductor industry, companies can get evasive about unimportant-seeming internals because things like RF signal processing are a huge patent minefield, and visible internals can make it easier to demonstrate infringement. AND the thorniest patent claims aren’t actual vital secret sauce but rather incidental details that are “obvious” but hard to avoid.

Again I have no idea the situation here and I certainly am not accusing Qorvo of anything shady and I am most definitely not an IP lawyer in any jurisdiction but that can be one reason behind otherwise nonsensical seeming behavior. It’s an ugly mess that’s hard to avoid if you work in the field and I’m sympathetic to people trapped in that bind.

– egnor