The best solution for tracking workers

I’m trying to make the devices to track workers and agvs (automated guided vehicles) in warehouses or factory.

To realize this, we would like to purchase the sensor which has following characteristics:
・It can allocate the information of worker or agv to each tag.
・It can send the (relative) location data

Besides, we would like to know
・How many can we track tags (workers and agvs) simultaneously? how many anchors are required at that time?
・How often can it send its location data?

It would be helpful to let me know the best sensor and its technical data.
I look forward to seeing your reply.

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Decawave sell chips and development kits. They do have off the shelf positioning and tracking modules and software but it’s fairly generic and basic and not intended as an end product.
It sounds like you are looking for something a lot closer to a full commercial tracking system, decawave don’t supply that. However a lot of people have built and sell systems using their parts that do roughly what you want. I would recommend looking at the commercial partners section of the web site or possibly look through the forum for product announcement type posts.