The 3rd party import routine not working anymore?

I have the QSPICE version built on Feb 23, 2024, and the 3rd party import routine looks like is not working anymore. Instead of automatic symbol creation, a normal text appears in the schematic. Anybody else has this problem?

Seems like I had to add a weird character in the name of the subcircuit for the tool to recognize it and create the symbol:

.subckt X2•OPA-ID in- in+ out V+ V-
G1 B A in+ in- 1
C1 A B {1/(pi**2*({GAIN}/100µ)*{POLE})}
R1 A B {{GAIN}/100µ}
B1 out B V=V(A)-V(B)
D1 A N01 (n=0.11)
D2 N02 B (n=0.11)
V2 N02 V- 0.2V
V1 V+ N01 0.2V
.ends OPA-ID