TDOA with wired clock or two way ranging

which one gives better accuracy for tracking with multiple anchor nodes? TDOA with wired clock or TOA with asymetric double sided two way ranging?

Hi Ashark,

The difference between a TDOA based system and a ToF (TWR) based system is not really about accuracy but more about capacity and battery life of devices to tag.

Within a TWR system, the tags will successively receive and transmit to each anchors, and that will have a strong impact on the current consumption. You will need a complex TDMA layer as each device will need to be associate to a communication slot.

Within a TDOA system, the tag are only transmitting once and each anchor receive. This scheme is generally very interesting for systems targeting low power application. The capacity of tags can also be much higher as the tags need to do a simple “blink”.

In term of accuracy it should offer similar performance.

Let me know if you have any other question,