TDoA wireless sync clock

We began to develop a system for tracking objects. We choose which method to use TWR or TDoA. In the first method, it is not entirely clear how the system synchronizes, if we use 2 or more anchors. For the second, everything is clear, I wrote multilateration equations, but where can I get a library for wirelessly synchronizing anchors? Thanks in advance for the answers.

Hi Art_Sh,

Library for wirelessly synchronizing anchors is part of the TDOA Software. Please contact Decawave for more details on TDOA Software.

In case of TWR, Asymmetric double sided TWR method is used to reduce clock and frequency drift errors,
Please refer the Application notes - APS013 and DW1000 user manual for more details

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What address to send a letter to? Can you tell?

Best regards, Arthur

Hi Arthur,

For the information on wireless sync send an email to and please include your location.

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Happy New Year))
So, sent a letter, got an answer:

Thank you for contacting Decawave.
We do not sell direct. If you are interested in procuring chips, modules or kits, please visit one of our distributors websites here -
For Technical inquiries we encourage you to visit our forum -
Here our technical staff and the growing Decawave community can assist with your enquiry.
For any other query we will get back to you shortly.
Best regards, The Decawave Team

Can you help me in this issue?

Hi Arthur,

Please contact for more information on the TTK1000 and pricing.

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Thank you, I got the answer.

best regards, Arthur

Hello Deepa,
I also is very curious about TTK1000.
I sent two mails to and got the same (I guess) automatic answer.
How can I contact them directly?


Sales Team got received your mail. Soon will get a reply mail from Sales Team.

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Hi, Deepa!
Two months passed away and I didn’t get any response.
Can you please do something about it?


Sorry for inconvenience.
Can you please resend the mail to Decawave Sales Team - again and then update to me so that I can follow up on this?

Do you looking for TTK 1000 Software or Library for wireless synchronization?

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I too have sent an email to sales@ and have had an automated reply, so would you mind ensuring my query regarding the TTK1000 gets followed up please?

Many thanks.

Hi ,

Sorry for inconvenience.
Can you please resend the mail to Decawave Sales Team - again and then update to me so that I can follow up with our Internal Team?

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Sent again.
Got the same automatic reply.
What’s next?

Hi Mark,

Our EMEA or US sales team will be in touch later today.


Yes, they wrote me.
Thank you very much!

Hi @Art_Sh,Could you share the answer?

This is answer:

Hi Artur:

We do not offer libraries: only source code as included in the TTK1000 package and offering.
TTK1000 as described in my yesterday’s email,




We have a wireless sync solution for TDOA. If you still need it, please contact


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i have just contacted me