TDoA Syn. and Blink with different Channel Setting


If I would like to run the TDoA Syn. message and blink with two different channels or PRF, is there some smart way to realize it?

Thanks for the help in advance.

If we are talking about TTK1000 redesign, then I would use a 2 DW1000 chip solution, i.e. HW designed TDoA Anchor, 1 common TCXO and would syncronize chips as in the Beta-PDoA kit. In this case you would be able to directly map both clock domains of chips to each other.

Also, you can do that in the SW by predicting of the expected CCP in time. The SW solution would be vulnerable to looses of CCP if any, so it will work, but will be less stable by design.

thanks a lot for your answer. They are really helpful.
So, with one DW1000, the only possibility is to switch the channel with CCP predicted time interval.
I see the problem.