TDOA - Job Oportunity

Hi! We are looking for someone to help us implement TDOA with DWM1001 (and possibly DWM1004) when released for a . If you are interested please PM me for more info. Thanks

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HI, may I ask what is the DWM1004?

The DWM1004 will be a low cost TDoA Tag module (M0+ MCU, Accel, RF/Antenna, Certified for CH2/5) we are just bringing up the first prototypes. The plan is to certify and release in the later in 2019.

@Tearus - PM me on the TDoA topic.

I wish to join the work plan for tdoa in dwm1001

Hi tearus,

I am currently working on a research project to develop a tangible user interface based on 2D indoor positionning. Previously I was using the TREK1000 + EVK1000 kits in TWR, and now I am always using these kits but in wired synchronised TDOA, to improve the update rate. Of course it’s a proof of concept because these kits are not intented for wired TDOA.

I would be very interested in your advance on your system, and I would like to test it if it is possible as an alpha customer.

An overall description of my project is available at , but it is in french.

Please feel free to contact me at

Best Regards,

Loïc Quinet