TDoA / Clock sync


I’m working on several use cases where the common factor is the need for TDoA and not ToF. Also, the other common thing is that there will be ethernet access and a backend server, but if external clock sync cables can be avoided, it should.

I was reading up on One Shot Receive Synchronisation (OSRS) Mode, and it seems to be depending on external 38.4 MHz clock, even though it seems to support wireless sync between DW1000 units? Am I wrong about something?

Is there no way of doing sync without actual wires, or is it possible to do wireless sync between DW1000 units? It’s acceptable if the sync have to be done at a regular basis (once every day, or even hour, but not every second…)

My plan was to use a DW1000 connected to the backend server as a timekeeper, and then elect anchors as masters based upon various criteria and use wireless clock sync between the units.

I have seen someone mention that there’s supposed to be an app not covering wireless sync, but I haven’t found one?


I remember Decawave offered a license for an implementation of wireless TDoA sync implementation. I wonder what is the current status of that license.

Hi ,
For info on wired sync see our APS007 which can be downloaded from: (UWB Systems).
For the latest information on wireless sync send an email to and please include your location.


As a TDOA system, clock synchronization is important. Since the time difference is used to calculate the coordinates, the time error between the Anchors should be as small as possible. Because the crystal oscillator used in the DW1000 is not very consistent, according to our experience, the clock synchronization interval can not be less than 500ms.