Tags location icon is disappearing as soon as initiator is enabled in android application and also auto positioning is failing

Hi All,

Problem : tags location icon is disappearing as soon as initiator is enabled and also auto positioning is failing

We are using DWM1001 development boards with DWM1001_PANS_R2.0 firmware and
DRTLS_Manager_R2 andord application to configure and see the location.
One device is configured as tag and others(3) as anchors.One of the anchors configured as initiator.

With above set up, we are seeing below 2 issues:

  1. I can see the tags location icon in android application.But as soon as anchor is configured as initiator , the tags location icon(symbol) is disappearing in android application. with this i cannot see the tags location in grid.
    Please help to resolve this issue.

  2. After adding all tag and anchors to the network. Tried auto position.When we measure, it waits some time to get distance but after some time it says distance measurement failed. Please help.

Thanks in advance.


Hi Shankar,

  1. How many anchors are configured as Initiator in your setup? Can you please verify that the anchors have correct position? The Location Icon disappears when the position cannot be calculated.

  2. Try first to enable only anchors during auto-positioning. Do you have any Initiator running?


Thanks for the input. I was testing with 2 anchors, 1 initiator, 1tag.
Now i set up 3 anchors and 1 initiator and 1 tag. I am able to auto positioning as well as i can see tag location in the grid.

Thank you.