TAGs disappear from the gateway

I have a question about your DWM system.
Tags disappear after an irregular period of time on the configured gateway.
At that time, even if the tags are moved, the gateway cannot verify them. Resetting tags is the only way to re-verify them on the gateway. However, this method will also cause tags to disappear from the gateway again after an irregular time.
The tags that disappear are not part of it, but all of it.

The system consists of 14 anchors and one gateway.

This issue does not occur on systems with 15 anchors and 3 gateways.

Why is this problem occurring?

How many anchors and tags can I control from one gateway?

P.S. Every minute, anchors also disappear and reappear on the gateway. What’s wrong with this?
(14Anchor&1Gateway / 15Anchor&3Gateway. Both systems are identical)


What is the range between anchors/tags and gateway ?

A gateway will report nodes it can reliably range with, so depending on environment, 25-20m with good LOS.


Hi, Bernard.
Although the distance between anchors/tags and gateway is each different, those within 5 meters also do so.

Best regard.

Hi Yhyun,

So all anchor and tags are within 5 meters of the gateway ?


Hi, Yves.

Not all anchors/tags are within 5 meters of the gateway.
I mean, anchors/tags within 5 meters of the gateway disappear, too.


Hi Yhyun,

Do they disappear permanently or for a few seconds only ?


Hi, Yves.

It disappears permanently until reboot.
When I press the reset switch, the tag still disappear, only by turning it off and on.


Hi Yhyun,

if possible please send a map with your anchor deployment and mark where are the gateways and problematic anchor/tags.

Cheers, TDK