Tags&Anchor limitation

Hello All,
I have a question about the number of allowed decawave MD1001 modules in the same area/superframe.
As I understood, there are 16 slots (seats) for label the anchors.
I’m good with it, but the question is how many tags can I put in the same area?
I less care about the rate - 0.5-1Hz is fine for me, but I need to put about 50-60 tags in the same area.
Is there some problem with it or it will work?
And do I need some special configurations for it?

the system supports 150 Hz, i.e. 150 tags at 1 Hz or other combinations which add up to 150 Hz (e.g. 15 tags of 10 Hz, or 30 tags of 5 Hz etc.)

Thank you, yes I saw it.
But the next paragraph says as following:

Tags are assigned a specific TWR slot and range to up to 4 anchors. If all the slots (there are 15 slots in 1 superframe) have already been allocated to tags, then a new tag will be unable to obtain a slot in which to range. In a similar way that anchors spread over space can reuse seats when out of range of all other users of that seat, over a wider area ranging slots will similarly be able to be reused. When setting tag update rate the system installer should consider what level of service will result if it is possible for tags to congregate in one area and should configure the maximum location rate to support that. Otherwise as tags congregate some may become unlocatable as they fail to get access to a ranging slot.

Does it mean that if I put in one superframe (one area) 50 tags - how can I ensure I’ll be able to find all of them?

there are 15 slots in each superframe, the super frame is 100 ms. e.g. if you have 45 tags in one area (location rate of 3.33 Hz), 15 of them will take one superframe, the next 15 will take the next superframe, the last 15 will take the next, and then the 1st 15 will take the 4th and so on. Each tag ranges in one of the 15 slots every 3rd superframe.

You will need to use a Listener device to connect to PC or Android App and view all of the tags. Listener needs to be in UWB range of the tags to be able to receive their location.

So, do I understand correct that superframe is about the time?
It means, that I can have in the same place how many tags as I want and the only think I’ll “pay” for it is a frequency?
Should I configure it in some way or it will work automatically?

yes, you just need to configure the tags with low enough location rate so that they can all get a slot. The more tags you have the slower they need to locate. The sum of all of the location rates should not exceed 150 Hz.

Thank you, zoran!


Hi Zoran,

Can I configure a tag at 0.0166Hz (60sec) and make the system support up to 6000 tags (theoretically)
Update frequency is not an issue for us, but we need to support more tags 1000-3000 (in same network with multiple anchors)

Hi Jeba,

yes, you can. PANS uses a TDMA scheme. By reducing the update rate you can have more Tags.
Spreading the Tags across the installation is another way to increase the capacity. Can be hard to guarantee but it depends on the use case. There is also a limit of how many tracked objects can you locate in a certain area. E.g. You cannot put 100 cars in an area of 10x10m.

If the air-time is free it can be reused. This is valid for both Anchors/Tags. All nodes on the network have collision detection, collision avoidance and collision resolution mechanism implemented.