tag setup/distance instead of location


We have a working setup including a couple of anchors, “walking” tags and a listener. We experience from time to time many drops (= no locations), because only 2 anchors are in sight of the tag. If we would have the distances we are able to calculate the location ourselves, because we have knowledge about the region of the tag.

In all examples of code we can not find anything about how the tag is able to send the location information to the UWB network and how the listener sniffs this network. Has anyone experience with this of can someone help us out with a direction what to do or code?

Because the dwm1000 (I don’t have experience with this module) should be able to support our case, I think the dwm1001 also should support this, probably with some changes.

Thanks in advance!!

Sjaak Scheffer

Hi Sjaak Scheffer,

I guess you are using the PANS software, provided with dwm1001 modules ?

Then it is not supported to send range above UWB. The tag will only broadcast its position if it could successfully calculate it. We are working on developing on a new version that should allow to send data over UWB in addition to location, but it is currently not available.

If you decide to develop a fully custom firmware (as you would have to do with dwm1000 fort example, then yes it possible)

Thank you,