TAG searches network for 10 seconds periyod

I have a 3 DWM1001 EVB board and configured as 3 of them anchors and a TAG. PANS 2.0 firmware is used.
The TAG is in lower mode and as J4 jumper on the EVB board is removed, the current consumption is measuring.
TAG configuration is achieved by the “On-board C Code” and based on “dwm-simple.c”
In case the TAG is not joined uwb network (uwbmac: disconnected), the TAG consumes 140mA for 3 second in period of 10 seconds.
How is it possible to change that configuration. I wanna change the 10s period to lets say 5 minutes.

I have 4 DWM1001 but not 3. 1 for TAG and 3 for Anchor.

Hello, oks,

I have a similar desire.
The “DWM1001 System Overview” file says in section 4.5 that
“It lists for a period before returning to sleep for before waking and trying again. The sleep period will initially be 10 s and will extend to 60 s.”
It is not clear how this variation from 10 to 60 seconds occurs.
Unlike you, I need to reduce this time to approximately 3 seconds and have it fixed as well.
How did you resolve this situation?