Tag problems MDEk1001 "b'@\x01\x01"


I’m a beginner in DWM1001 and I’m working with the MDEK1001 system. Initially, I have 4 anchors (1 is an initiator and 3 are anchors) and 1 tag. I’m using Python to connect with the serial port. At the beginning, I get results from the tag and retrieve the position; everything works well. But then, suddenly, I can’t retrieve data from the tag and always get the result “b’@\x01\x01’”. I flashed the firmware again, changed the port, and changed the anchors, but nothing has helped ( i also see all the previous discusion in the forum and i tried to apply , but nothing happen) . Can someone please help me?

Thank you

Im not sure what is that value. But the UART normally works in the binary mode and you can switch it to shell mode by pressing the enter twice.

Do you use the binary or shell for reading the position?

In your case I would recommend the double check the uart configuration.