Tag position in ROS node

Hello everyone,

I’m new to DWM1001 and currently using the MDEK1001 system. I’m seeking assistance on retrieving the position of a tag within a ROS node. Specifically, I aim to achieve this without directly connecting the tag to a PC. Is it possible to connect the initiator anchor to the PC and then retrieve the tag’s position within the ROS node? Alternatively, I welcome any other proposed solutions that do not involve using a Raspberry Pi to obtain the tag’s position within the ROS node.

Your guidance and support would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

could you describe a it more your your use case?

Typically you have anchors mounted around you filed and then you have tag node on the robot. In this case you can connect the tag node directly to the ROS via USB and get the position directly from the tag.


Hi ,
No, I need to retrieve the position of the tag, because in my case I need to locate the person who holds the tag, so I put 4 anchors in the fixed object and I put a listener to retrieve the position of the tag (mobile) , (did you know a solution can help me to implement the listener to the ROS ???) ,

Thank you