Tag position in open space


I’m testing the maximum allowed distance between a tag and anchors in a open space.

First, I’m using DWM1000 anchors forming a square 40 x 40m and the gateway in the middle of this square. Thte gateway was able to see all 4 anchors (one is initiator). Tag is configured with responsive mode , stationary detection and normal update rate and stationary update rate set as 500ms.

I could not see tag’s position in the web manager probably because the distances between anchors is too big and initiator could not talk with the other ones or the tag could not calculate the distance because it was not possible to talk with the anchors.

I decided to reduce the distances to 25m, adjust their positions but I still have another problem. The position counter increases but the coordinates appears with NaN in x,y and z.

It should work because I’m in a open space, no reflections, no attenuation.

So , has anyone who faced this problem ?


Hi Nudel,

You are using dwm1001 based hardware (most likely dwm1001-dev from MDEK kit ?) with PANS, correct ?

In an open environment, the system was test with a range up to 25m25m between anchors. It can work at 3030m depending on environment, but 40m*40m is very challenging.

If you wish to experiment and find the maximum range, I would recommend to start with tag and anchors only. You can measure the range on tag over the uart interface. Once you find the maximum range, then you can introduce a gateway. The system should be stable then as anchors/tags and gateway have the same maximum range.

Hope it helps,