Tag out of Anchor range

Hi, i have the MDEK1001 Kit. I have a question on how a tag responds if no anchor messages are found.

what happens to the tag when it is moved out of the range of the anchors?
1: does it try to send an update at the normal rate and when it finds no anchors, it goes back to sleep?
2: or does it tries to reserve a new timeslot and when it didn’t find any it goes to sleep up to 60s?

I would like to know how a tag react to this situation.

Hi Tim,

The tag will eventually wake up every 60 second to look for surrounding anchors. If there is one, the tag will try to reserve a slot, otherwise it will go back to sleep.(The amount of sleep time is increasing until a maximum value of 60 second).


Hello Yves,

thanks for your reply. Is there a way to change the maximum sleep time? for example to 10s?

Hi Tim,

No it is not possible.


not on the same subject but what is the estimated range of the tag in meters saying that wwe have 4 anchors forming a square form and the tag is in this square.
i understand that the technology has a 50 something meters range but if this square is formed by 4 anchors can the distance betwwen each two go for like 100m meters or 50 meters to get the location of any tag in the area of the square.

each anchor has a range of ~60m line of sight. For a tag to locate its position it needs to be in range of a minimum of 3 anchor four is better. that is why positioning anchors in a square gets the best results.

the anchors need to synchronize with eachother therefore it need to be in range. What i have read in the ‘DWM1001 System Overview’ that the maximum distance between anchors ~45m is.