Tag orientation

Hello Everyone,

This is a question for a Decawave developers. We work on a moving tag and we calculate a tag orientation with the old and current tag position.

My questions are :
- Does the PANS compute a tag orientation, with the accelerometer and tag position ?
- If not, do you think it’s possible to compute it with this both informations ?

Thx for your reply.

Hi David,

PANS currently does not calculate the tag orientation.

The DWM1001 contains an accelerator, so 3 degrees of freedom. It will be difficult to get an accurate orientation with this hardware. For example if the device is only rotating within the x/y axis, there will be no change along the Z and the accelerator will not measure any variation. Similarly, if the tag performs strong acceleration, then there may be a high error. If the movement is stationary, it should be easier.

You may need to couple additional sensors to get an accurate orientation.


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