Tag Not detected in Windows 10

Hi ,

I am using DMW 1001 tag in Listener mode but that tag is not detected in Windows 10 PC as Com Port .where i manually download the jlink driver for windows so that I can add manually .


Hi Valmik

You can find this in the J-Link Software and Documentation Pack for Windows.

Hello Seppe,

Thank for quick response . I am using DWM1001C Tag in Passive mode ( Listener ) but when I connect this Tag using USB to my Windows 10 64bit Notebook it is not showing in COM PORT in Segger Jlink GDB server also I am not able to see this TAG.
I am new to this topic can you please support to configure this Tag as listener to my windows PC
Thanks in advance for your support

Hello Seppe,

Its working now with 64bit windows . Thanks for the support.