Tag location at a certain speed


We have setup our system with around 30 anchors on Ground floor. There are multiple pathway in the area which can be followed including multiple turns as well.

When we are walking at normal speed, then the tag location seems to be good everytime without lagging.

But when we are placing the Tag on bike and checking the same, it lags for sometime and works for sometime.
It’s very inconsistent behavior when it comes to bike, and the speed is around 20kmph.

Also, it is observed that, whenever there is a turn, the issue happens after a few meters away after the turn. I can share the video of the same if you want.
Though, I have attached the log.

Please help urgently.1556180823267.log (363.2 KB)


  1. First of all please follow the installation guide to place the Anchors correctly. Placing them on the ground floor is not a good idea since the modules will be in the Fresnel Zone. It is out of scope to explain it here but there are plenty of information about that on the internet. A simplified rule is: in order to achieve the best range (both distance and quality of measurement) avoid obstacles between the nodes and keep the nodes 30-50 cm from the wall/ground or other obstacles along the signal propagation path between the nodes. The clearance depends on distance between the nodes.
  2. I think due to the reason above the range in your installation is short and the Tag cannot reach often the Anchors when riding on the bike. Depends on the Tag placement the signal might be blocked more often during the turn. It’s likely that you will need significantly less Anchors to cover the same area if Fresnel Zone clearance is secured.



Thanks for you reply.

There are basically two floors. And we need tracking on both the floors.

For Ground Floor, we have placed the anchors ~3 meters above from the floor and ~50 cms below from the ceiling.
For First floor, anchors are placed ~4 meters above from the floor and ~50 cms from the ceiling.

Ground floor, there is a lot of inconsistency been observed. Sometimes the location works without any issue but on the other hand, it doesn’t work and lag a lot in getting the location.

Can we setup a call where we can explain you the exact scenarios with the help of floor plan and placement of anchors and get the insights from your end?
It’s really urgent and would be helpful for us.

Himanshu Sharma

Hi Himanshu,

Ok, I misunderstood your first post. So the Anchors are not on the ground but you referred to the Ground floor of the building. This is a community forum but if you would like commercial support please contact us via email on: https://www.leapslabs.com

Cheers, TDK

Sure! Thanks

I’ll email to get the support.