Tag ID and security


I am new to UWB technology, so please excuse me if questions are odd.

What I want to achieve:
I would like to use the tag as keyless access, so as soon as tag is within 30 cm from the door the it is open.

I have ordered the MDEC1001 (not yet delivered).
I can see how to create a network and add tags to the network.

My concern is the security:

  1. How devices are identified (looking at chip datasheet I can see there is serial number) but what prevents other tags joining my network?
  2. What prevents fake tags being produced?

I have read and searched about UWB security.

Seems there are physical layer security (was able to find no details) and AES encryption.

Any help or further information is welcome!

Thank you in advance!


Bumping this thread, is there any answer to this or links to relevant documentation on the security of UWB?


The only source I found was in 802.15…4-xx Z
It describes secure frames, but I was not able to understand how you can achieve it with decawave chips. The worse is that seems all security is AES based