System Design Assistance Required


I intend to design a system using MDEK1001 devices. I believe I will use at least 6 anchors (to ensure LOC) and 10-12 tags. The area I intend to cover is 30 x 30 meters. From my understanding, to get the position of each tag, one can use BLE on the tags to transmit the data packets to the BLE receiver (android device). I have the following questions for this design idea.

  1. Do you think BLE is a reliable option given the numbers and amount of tags?
  2. Can you setup Gateway to receive data through anything other than BLE? i.e UWB?
  3. If I had to put a sensor on the tag and sensor could communicate via I2C. Can I use existing nrf52 processor and use PANS library to access that sensor or put another nrf52 board to read DWM1001 and send data via BLE?

No one?

What is a use case of this setup? may be its worth to design a dedicated pcb?

  1. Release 1 has a listener - configure one device as a listener and it will output tag locations on the UART, this is better than BLE.

  2. Release 2 will have this option

  3. need to check


by 2 I can deduce that at this time it uses UWB for data transfer which is what i needed.