System Coverage Expansion to more than 16 Anchors

[color=#339999][font=sans-serif]Hello to all the UWB developers,[/font][/color]

[color=#339999][font=sans-serif]Reading the documentation, specifically pointing to Sections 7 (Scalability) of the “DWM1001 System Overview” Doc[/font][/color]
[color=#339999][font=sans-serif]I have a little of confusion in the next three features[/font][/color]
[color=#339999][font=sans-serif] [/font][/color]
[][color=#ff9933][font=sans-serif]Have More than 16 anchors on a Network[/font][/color]
][color=#ff9933][font=sans-serif]Star Topology (Attached Star.png)[/font][/color]
][font=sans-serif][color=#ff9933]Line Topology (Attached Line.png)[/color][/font]
[color=#339999][font=sans-serif]According to that I have the next questions[/font][/color]

[][color=#339999][font=sans-serif]It’s possible to have a tag working on two different networks, jumping from one to another (enoughly separated, each one with a Initiator Anchor)?[/font][/color]
][color=#339999][font=sans-serif]I have a network Floor-Plan attached in the Picture “Test.png”, Is this the idea when you say that it’s possible to have more than 16 anchors in one network “can only be achieved if the other anchors are spaced sufficiently far apart, such that no anchor hears two anchors with the same seat.”[/font][/color]
][color=#339999]In the document “DWM1001 System Overview” you make reference of two Anchor Configurations[/color]
[][color=#339999][font=sans-serif]“Routing Anchors” Denoted as “ANR” in the attached Pictures, these devices are Listeners?[/font][/color]
][color=#339999][font=sans-serif]“Bridge Nodes” Denoted as “BN” in the attached Pictures, These devices are Gateways?[/font][/color]
[][color=#339999][font=sans-serif]Devices Denoted as “TN”, What are these devices, maybe related to the TN and TN-LP configurations?[/font][/color]
The Documentation is not really explicit about the anchors Configuration in the modes TN and TN-LP, can you explain the role of these configurations[
][color=#339999][font=sans-serif]nmt: Set mode to TN[/font][/color]
[*][color=#339999][font=sans-serif]nmtl: Set mode to TN-LP[/font][/color]
[color=#339999][font=sans-serif]Best regards.[/font][/color]


  1. yes, if you have set up two networks (two initiators) and they are out of reach of each other (the anchors in one must not be in range of the anchors in the other or else only one network will be set up), then the tag will join either one as it gets close to it, then once it leaves the area covered by one network it will join the other one.

  2. yes

  3. routing anchors and bridge nodes are for forming UWB network to pass data (sensor, user data) and connect to internet through a gateway. These functions are not available in current release, will be coming later this year.

  4. TN - “tag node”, TN-LP - “low-power tag node”