Synronization of two UWB3000 Module for use with 4 antenna

Dear Friends,

In a particular project, i am going to use DW3000 series UWB modules to use with 4 antenna array. I know that we can use 2 DW3000 IC on a one board syncronized. But i do not know how to sync two dw3000 ic. Is there anyone who can help me?


your question is not clear, did you mean …that we can use 2 DW1000 IC on one board… ?

In general, I know that 2 DW3x20 can also be synced in the same manner as DW1000.

But. looking at your question, I worry about a misunderstanding of DW3000.

What is your application core concept?

Hello Alliv,

I know that, DW3x20 ICs supports two antennas with PDOA option. I want to use 4 antennas on same evaluation board. For using 4 antennas, i need to sync two DW3x20 ICs so i can use 4 antenna. But i could not know how to sync two DW3120. So yes, i mean to use two DW3000 on one board friend. Thank you for your reply.


Did you know how to syncronization