Synchronization problem

Hello, I have a problem about DWM1001. I want to know how its anchor plates are synchronized? I would appreciate it if you could answer me.

Hi @Andrew_Gao
if you mean DWM1001 synchronizing the it is described in the PANS System architecture - look after Beacons (BCN) messages.

Cheers JK

Thank you very much for your reply, but I don’t quite understand what you mean. Are you saying that synchronization between anchors is achieved by sending beacons that adjust the time in real time? Also, I would like to ask a question, is there a large error in clock synchronization between DWM1001 devices? Compared with THE NLOS error, can the clock synchronization error be reduced as a separate error to improve the accuracy of indoor positioning?

cheers JK

Hi Andrew,

I think your question can have various meaning.

If you mean the synchronization in the term of time slotting (TDMA) then yes, the Anchors do send beacons and using that all the nodes are being organized in a collision avoidance way. The errors is not great, usually below 1 us.

If you mean the time synchronization for location measurement, then PANS RTLS uses TWR. The principles of TWR is described e.g. in

What you mean with the NLOS is probably the errors related to first path detection in a NLOS environment. It does not necessarily relate to any synchronization, but is related to physical propagation of the signal and the limit of the chip/technology. This is quite a broad topic. Maybe these app. notes can help you: