SYNC Signal to reset the counter

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I am currently working on TDoA-Positioning. I’m trying the external clock and the sync. The external clock seems working ok. But i can’t make the sync work as expected.
I use the EVK1000 (DW1000). I put a small cable from the SYNC input (pin 29) in the DW1000 to my Trigger-source 3,3V (see [color=#ff3333]image1[/color]).
I use this configuration in main.c:

[color=#3333ff]uint8 OSTRM_enable = 0x90C; [/color]
[color=#3333ff]dwt_writetodevice(EXT_SYNC_ID, EC_CTRL_OFFSET, 2, &OSTRM_enable); // Set ‘OSTRM’ to 1 and ‘WAIT’ to 33 in the EC_CTRL Register[/color]
[color=#3333ff]dwt_setgpiodirection(GxM7,GxP7); //set the SYNC like input[/color]

I triggered the high voltage (see [color=#ff3333]image2[/color]) to the DW1000 sync pin. But when DW1000 rxTimestamps are printed, triggering the sync pin doesn’t make any difference. (expected result : The DW1000 rxTimestamps are initialized to zero and started again).



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The Decawave application note aps007_wired_sync_rtls_with_the_dw1000 says the following:

The fields of the EC_CTRL registers described below:

Maybe its the reset signal time duration? Just trying to help.