Symbols don't rotate when first placing

When first selecting a symbol from the Symbols & IP browser and moving it on the canvas, the symbol doesn’t rotate when using CTRL+r. Once the symbol is placed once, CTRL+r works as expected on the second instance. Until a new symbol is selected, then the same thing happens again for the new symbol.


Humm, that’s not the operation that I see. Ctrl-R works when dragging a part from the Symbol & IP browser. I’ve never seen that not work.

Ah, I was not aware you could drag the item. The bug only seems to appear when selecting a symbol via double clicking.

A cool stuff, you can drag schematic (.qsch) and symbol (.qsym) from file explorer to schematic. It is very convenience especially for user created symbol.

When a symbol is double-clicked in the Symbol & IP Browser to be placed in a schematic, it can only be rotated after the first symbol has been placed (maybe the input focus is not on the schematic yet and still on the browser).

Ah! I forgot I implemented double click as a way to initiate a drag. OK, double click is no longer a 2nd class citizen and it works as well as simply dragging.




Thanks, Ctrl+R works now. Maybe Ctrl+M should as well?

It’s Ctrl-E for mirror.

Ctrl-M is reserved to putting a new line into a piece of text on the schematic.


Oh, I see… Funny that Ctrl+M also works after the first symbol is placed…

Oh, I forgot I implemented that. Yeah, I implemented lots of ways of doing things.

OK, now Ctrl-M will work there too, in the interest of giving the software a more square operating area.


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