Symbol and label orientation


Unless I missed something, for user-created symbols the added node text (in comment style or simply text) does always rotate with the symbol (CTRL+R). So in the case I want to swap a symbol upside down and mirror it, the labels stay upside down, meaning that I have to rotate the labels manually each time. This does not happen for symbols that are already in the standard Qspice library. These labels stay correctly oriented. Looks like a bug to me?

An example:

QSPICE will auto arrange position symbol attributes for symbols it understands, like any two terminal part or a transistor.

But if it’s more complicated, it doesn’t change doing it for you because the repositioned text might obscure something it shouldn’t. So, unfortunately, that is the intended operation.

On the bright side, if the text doesn’t become mirror image with you mirror the symbol.

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Ah makes sense, thanks!