Switching between RX and TX, Module stops working after a while..


We have issues when first transmitting, and then switching to receiving.
After a while the DWM1000 stops either transmitting, or receiving.
Right now it stops receiving, is the most frequent issue.

Then when performing reset of the Radio it starts work again…
Is there any well known issues why this happens?

Anyway to avoid this happening, and if it happens Detect and recover?

Earlier we noticed that s dwt_rxenable(mode), if it already was in Tx-state made it stop working.
So we have a wrapper function that checks last state, before running any dwt_rxenable(mode).

Feels like it’s something more here that we have yet to discover.

/ Johan

the DW1000 should be put into IDLE before issuing a new TX/RX command. Thus it is best to call TRXOFF if you are not sure if the device is in IDLE mode.

When you say lockup… what is the device state (reg 0x19), and status register (0xF)… and what happens when you do TRXOFF, followed by new TX/RX command?

spot on, after a TRXOFF it’s working again. Right now i handle it by issue a TRXOFF in case of a timeout…
Maby i shold make sure to do TRXOFF before any TX or RX. Will try that instead to see if it’s stop’s occurring then.
Will come back with Device state and status register…

Thank you for your help…

/ Johan