Suitable Model for TWR in NLOS environment


I have a requirement for an Indoor Positioning System.
The requirements are as follows:
3D location coordinates of mobile tags (deployment in a multi storey building)
NLOS environment - Multi Storey building

I have been looking into DWM 1001 (also MDEK 1001) as a potential solution to my problem.
Based on the information available at Technology - Decawave , I find TWR method to be most suited to requirement due to:

  1. System Synchorinization not required - Reduces pre-deployment workload on my part
  2. Easy Deployment - There is requirement for quick deployment and removal of tags (sometimes in quick succession)
  3. Low density of tags (not more than 30 at a time)

If someone could let me know regarding the viability of TWR using MDEK1001 and DWM1001 for my specific requirement (based on above mentioned points), it would be really helpful.
If you could suggest an alternative module for the same task based on your experience, it would be great.

If I have missed some key information while detailing my requirements, do let me know. I will promptly share more details for you to comment in a better way.

Saksham Mishra

Hi @sakshamqwerty
you can start with Qorvo examples for TWR. But at the beginning I would recommend you to test PANS firmware which is already using TWR so you can evaluate it and if it will work for you you can continue using PANS or you can create your own solution.