Suggested module for new localization project

Dear Decawave/Qorvo Team,

I’m evaluating your boards for a new localization project.
I did some trials with your dwm3000 board, but I’m not sure it is the correct board for this goal.
Indeed even if it is specified that:
" The DWM3000 module is based on Qorvo’s IEEE802.15.4z-2020 UWB compliant wireless transceiver, the DW3110 IC.

DWM3000 is pin and size compatible with the DWM1000, and it offers full flexibility to support a broad range of UWB applications. When compared with the previous-generation module, the DWM3000 offers substantial improvements on power consumption and the addition of CH9 support.

Product Features:

  • Integration of DW3110 IC, antenna, power management and optimum RF layout simplifies design integration
  • Easily interfaced via SPI slave to a wide range of microcontrollers
  • Support IEEE 802.15.4-2015 and IEEE 802.15.4z-2020 (BPRF mode)
  • Data rates of 850Kbps and 6.8Mbps
  • Worldwide UWB support with UWB Channels 5 (6.5GHz) and CH9 (8GHz)
  • 23mm x 13mm x 2.9mm 24-pin side castellations
  • Supports ToF, TWR and TDoA location schemes

The DWM3000 is currently shipping as engineering sample units."

It seems that it uses a regular xtal as clock source, meaning it is not very suitable as TDoA anchor. While TDoA anchor based on a more accurate / stable TCXO is often preferred to simplify timekeeping in TDOA setups.
So even I though that dwm3000 is an evolution of dwm1000, indicated for new projects and supporting TDOA , maybe it is not the correct board.
In addition, no example for anchors/tag and TDOA implementations are suggested, while there are many example for dw1000:

So I was wondering, which module do you suggest for a new project with the aim of doing localization through TDOA?
When is the end of support for that module foreseen? and when the end of life?

Thank you in advance,

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Hi @GiovanniP
the TCXO is not exactly needed for TDOA but in general it is recommended as it provides more stable clock source with less pain.

I think that the EVK1000 does provide a design with TCXO, but double check that.


Dear @leapslabs ,

thank you very much for your answer.
So, do you suggest dw1000 for new localization project?
Thank you very much again,
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Hi @GiovanniP
the future is in DW3000 - for sure. But if you are new to RTLS then I would recommend to start with DW1000 devkits (DWM1001C modules or MDEK)where are tons of examples over the GitHub and etc. Once you know what do you really need you can start playing with DW3000. DW3000 is still a new chip so public support is still slightly lower.


Dear @leapslabs,

thank you very much for your kind and articulated aswer,
best regards.


Dear @leapslabs,

I was reading the documentation of dwm3000 and dw3000 and I read that:
The DWM3000, as supplied from Qorvo, has not been certified for use in any particular geographic region by the appropriate regulatory
body governing radio emissions in that region although it is capable of such certification depending on the region and the manner in
which it is used.
All products developed by the user incorporating the DWM3000 must be approved by the relevant authority governing radio emissions
in any given jurisdiction prior to the marketing or sale of such products in that jurisdiction and user bears all responsibility for obtaining
such approval as needed from the appropriate authorities.
I was a bit stunned by this fact, so I would ask you about Decawave/Qorvo dwm3000 plan for various regulatory certification.
I think it is quite difficult to use this module if it is not certified, in particular if it is used only for positioning.
Do you suggest to move to the dwm1001c module?
When is the end of support and the of life foreseen for this module.

Thank you in advance, best regards


The firmware is part of the regulatory approval, transmit powers depend on the packet sizes and settings used. The DWM1001C includes a processor and so can be certified in certain countries for certain uses if, and only if, it is running the decawave supplied firmware.

The instant you change that firmware you are back to having to certify it yourself.

Since the DWM1000 and DWM3000 don’t include a processor you can’t certify them as a module, all you can do is say that if used to implement a system correctly it would be possible to certify them.

Dear @AndyA,

thank you very much for your kind reply.
Now I understood. Thank you again.
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I am using dwm3000evo, can anyone help me with some suggestion which board I need to use and if some other device needed. Thanks