Substitute for idt() and ddt()

I would like to start by congratulating you for a fantastic piece of software !!

My first attempt to use it is to model an LLC DC/DC with a PID feedback controller as modelled using B-sources.

I am using the idt() and ddt() function in my current SPICE simulator and it does not seem to be available in QSPICE. Any recommendation for a substitute or perhaps I might propose something similar to be implemented?

Keep up the good work
BR /Jonas

Thank-you, JonasF, for the kind words.

I’m currently strategizing how to add idt() and ddt(). It interacts with another very major addition in the works. I very much don’t like how I’ve done it in prior art becuase it wasn’t correct, only pretty close.

For now, I suggest allowing the same equations that integrate reactances do idt() and ddt():