Subscript Text / Superscript Text / Overbar

  1. In the QSPICE symbol editor & schematic editor, is there a method to create inline subscript text / superscript text / overbar over specific text with text attribute (“T”) to make text appear similar to names & signals on datasheets?

  2. I noticed that QSPICE can create an overbar when placing a net name (“N”), but it requires a right-click change to do it. Also, QSPICE doesn’t appear to support the leading underscore to overbar conversion ability that was in LTspice, per LTspice - Wikipedia

  3. In KiCad, they use use a tilda & braces to create an overbar, such as “~{CLK}”. Maybe some type of special escape sequence could be added to QSPICE to support inline subscript text / superscript text / overbar of text. Even if this feature was limited to only work within the “T” text field, it would be better than not having it.


The leading underscore was problematic because you need a way to disambiguate it being an overbar for the next character or actually wanting an underscore character. The leading underscore and other method have some status as a convention, but it is not an agreed standard.

In QSPICE, I choose the vinculum character(‘¬’) since it otherwise isn’t used. It used to be a key on an IBM terminal because it heavily used in an early structured language called PL/I, which I used to use for charged-particle optic code run on mainframes in the 1980s.