Subcircuit type in symbol file

I create a symbol file which refers to another qsch file (so it is a subcircuit) and I noticed here some inconsistency. When I select manually the Symbol type at properties (X, as subcircuit) the qsch where I use the symbol does not find the circuit definition. When I left the Symbol type blank it works properly (the QSPICE fills the symbol type automatically). The difference is when I force the X in the symbol properties it appears the following line in the qsym file: «type: X».

I saw a fix related to symbol editor in revision history. I do not know is it related to this problem or not
but this problem still exists.

What I do:

  1. Create symbol, the symbol property is left blank. (There is a code block schematic behind the symbol and I use X as symbol name. Could be this a problem?)
  2. I put the symbol on the main schematic and it works as expected.
  3. I open the symbol for edit. At properties in symbol type an X can be seen (propably filled automatically during opening). I edit it and save the symbol. The qsym file now contains «type: X».
  4. On main schematic I cut, then put the symbol again.
  5. The symbol’s circuit definition is not found.

A refresh function on Symbol Browser’s directories (e.g. in right click menu) would be nice. During symbol development is inconvenient always to close/open QSPICE or remove/add the symbol directory to get the changes.

Did you get this sorted? I’m not having much joy getting a symbol working for the WAV component.


If you think everything else is OK with your symbol and schematic, then open the qsym, clear they Symbol Type (left blank) save the symbol and try to paste to your main schematic again. If it works then this was your problem too, if not, then you should find the error somewhere else, why your symbol/schematic pair is not working.

Because I see no one else complain about this, it is possible that there is no error here related to Symbol Type just I mess up something during hierarchy creation…

Well, my attempts to get it to work may be complicated by trying to pass attributes/parameters. Mike added string parameters for DLLs only a couple of days ago and maybe the symbol stuff doesn’t support them yet…

I’m going to back up and start with a simple, non-DLL/C-Block thing and see if I can better understand the basics. Wish me luck. And thanks.