Subcircuit schematic designator

I created a subcircuit for a limiter, and created a symbol for it and then when I place it on the schematic, the designator is not shown (yes, the “Hide reference designators” is off) and when I press F5 I get this message "Trouble generating netlist: A component is missing it’s instance name (reference designator), how do I fix this?
The symbol shows the “X”

your limiter subcircuit is in a schematic with .qsch or a netlist with .subckt?

Qspice schematic.
I am now at the stage that it does not show up anymore in the symbol & IP browser.
I follow the help file instructions to create a hierarchial block - does not work.

The most easy way to prevent error of generating symbol from a sub-circuit .qsch

  1. Create your subcircuit, Port which requires to appear in symbol, Right-Click > This is a Port

  2. Right-Click on Schematic, Open Parent Schematic, it will auto create a Parent schematic with symbol

  3. You can re-arrange this symbol in parent schematic

  4. If you want this symbol to save into a .qsym, copy this symbol in schematic (hover over this symbol and press Ctrl-C), open a new symbol (File > New > New Symbol), paste it to the symbol window (Ctrl-V)

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Thank you very much for the above detailed explanation.
My mistake was with the last step.

For Hierarchical Block symbol (call to use .qsch): Symbol Type is Blank
For Sub-circuit symbol (call to use .subckt): Symbol Type is X