Sub-Register 0x28:30 - LDOTUNE - USER MANUAL MISTAKE?

Hello Decawave,

If I read the Sub-Register 0x28:30 after executing a clean DW1000 hardware reset and not loading any additional configuration especially not loading anything from OTP, then the high 8 BIT of this register do NOT correspond to the value provided in the user manual. In specific, the high 8 BIT are read as 00001000 = 0X08 and not as 0X88.

Can you please comment on this ?

This is an important information, because if people use the wrong default value provided in the manual in order to determine whether the OTP LDO value needs to be kicked or not, then it would always lead to the conclusion that the OTP LDO needs to be kicked, when in fact it does not need to be kicked during power up or wake up.

Best regards