STS_TOAST: What to do with "Peak growth rate warning"

I use dwt_readstsstatus() when I get a RX STS error status (DWT_CB_DATA_RX_FLAG_CPER) and quite often I receive a STS_TOAST status value of 0x100 which would map to STS_PGR_EN or “Peak growth rate warning”. The timestamp estimation seems to be correct though.

And I find this in the Qorvo_Apple_Nearby_Interaction_beta source code:

/* TODO: Reading TOAST disabled. According to hardware team,
 * this needs more tuning. They suggest to use quality only for
 * now. See UWB-940 and commit "disable TOAST quality checking
 * for STS". */

So… What does “Peak growth rate warning” mean? Should I ignore all STS_TOAST values, or just this specific one?