STS error on DWM3220 message exchange


I’m working on an RTLS project and I have a custom DWM3220 based device with two antennas acting as an anchor and a DWM3000 based device acting as a tag. I’m quite new to UWB and I used the examples from DW3XXX_API to work with the devices. I want to obtain PDOA values on the anchor side using examples 01h and 02h but so far I’m not able to get STS working.

This is my configuration:
.channel = DWM_CHANNEL_5,
.tx_preamble_length = DWM_PREAMBLE_LENGTH_128,
.rx_pac = DWM_PAC_8,
.tx_preamble_code = DEFAULT_PREAMBLE_CODE,
.rx_preamble_code = DEFAULT_PREAMBLE_CODE,
.sfd_type = DWM_SFD_TYPE_DW_8,
.data_rate = DWM_DATA_RATE_6M8,
.sfd_timeout = (129 + 8 - 8),
.sts_length = DWM_STS_LENGTH_256,
.pdoa_mode = DWM_PDOA_MODE_3,

Function dwt_readstsquality() always returns -230 and STS quality is 0.
I tried setting STS key and iv as the default values before each tx/rx and it did not work.

Is there something wrong with the configuration or what could be the issue? Thank you!

Hello. The issue was with my code. PDoA values are coming now.